More than meetings, it is collaboration and challenge.  More than networking, it is solutions.  More than talk, it is understanding and advice.

Members stay in groups for 7-10 years. There’s a reason for that.

Vistage has provided me with a place to step outside of my comfort zone and be liberated by some of the best of the best to be a better person, employee and leader in my life.  The exposure to different company cultures, perspectives, knowledge and experience has helped me and our organization grow and thrive.

Kayla Kersey, TLC Plumbing

Vistage has given me a new avenue of resources, tools and relationships to leverage in my leadership growth and growth of my company.  This group has given immediate ROI.

Nathan McCown, Aces Automation

Vistage has helped me grow as an individual both professionally and personally.  There is tremendous value when you have the opportunity to speak so openly with such a talented and successful group of individuals from all areas of business.

Barbie Gonzalez, Marble Brewery

Vistage allows me to take the time I need for thought, introspection and decision-making.  The group provides support and excellent advice.  In short, it’s the peer group every executive needs!

Simon Goldfine, Sierra-Peaks

Vistage has given me the opportunity to push the way I think about my business in a supportive professional environment.

Madison Rumbaugh, NM Pinon Coffee

Vistage has provided support, accountability and new perspectives.  Through my experience with Vistage, I have made changes to our operating structure and created efficiencies to help our entire organization.

Bryan Vigil, Roadrunner Food Bank

Vistage has helped me deal with difficult situations, has been my outlet, has challenged my way of thinking and has been great for  my professional career.

Eddie Padilla, Heads Up Landscaping

Vistage is a place to meet new friends, dive into the issues of your world, and grow.

Theodore Rice, Marble Brewery

Continuing professional development has always been a critical component in my life.  Vistage has been able to facilitate that.

Chris Meech, C&E Concrete