More than meetings, it is collaboration and challenge.  More than networking, it is solutions.  More than talk, it is understanding and advice.

Members stay in groups for 7-10 years. There’s a reason for that.

My Vistage group immediately affected my bottom line–group members helped me navigate LEDA. At a high level, it has enabled me to constantly be introspective and objective about my role and performance. I am a better DEO because of the group. One-on-one’s are incredibly helpful. My group means a lot. I cannot imagine not having…

Charles Rath, RS21

My Vistage group has improved motivation in me to do better. It has also reduced a sense of isolation in running a business without people with whom I can identify. The group means potential to me. . .A potential group to learn from, to be challenged by and to collaborate with.

Reuben Sutter, Sage Neuroscience

My group is a confidential source of support, challenge and brainstorming.

Chris Zalesiak, Melting Pot

My Vistage experience has helped me push to create and capture new opportunities. I have been able to understand that all businesses have problems and that they are very similar to some my business faces. I have been able to speak openly and candidly and receive direction, help and criticism.

Tracy Johnson, TLC Plumbing

My Vistage group has re-invigorated me in my position as a business owner. By being a member of a Vistage group, one day a month I get to sit with other business leaders and soak up their business wisdom and acumen. The diversity of businesses and points of view is refreshing, challenging and supportive.

Daniel G

Vistage allows me to take the time I need for thought, introspection and decision-making.  The group provides support and excellent advice.  In short, it’s the peer group every executive needs!

Simon Goldfine, Sierra-Peaks

Professionally, I have been able to speak more confidently in front of a group. From the group, I receive impactful, actionable feedback. If I feel like talking, everyone listens. It makes a huge difference. Personally, I don’t feel so alone.

Kimberly deCastro, Wildflower International

My Vistage group has helped me open my eyes to see different opportunities to grow professionally and personally. The members hold me accountable and get me to grow. My Vistage group means a great deal to me. They give me support all the time.

Jason Pollaro, New Mexico Sign Plex

My Vistage group pushes me in ways others can’t. I know my group will push me when needed, encourage me when I am down, and point me due north when I am going the wrong direction.

Gabe Jensen, Bosque Brewing