It All Starts With the Group

It’s lonely at the top.  Having a group of peers who understand your issues and challenges can make all the difference. Having a tool box of time-trusted leadership skills can help you grow to the next level.

CEO Programs:

In Vistage CEO Groups, about a dozen executives (like you) meet once a month to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues. World Class speakers bring cutting edge ideas to the group throughout the year.

In monthly one-to-one sessions, we “peel back the onion” to get to the heart of any issues to better define and resolve or clarify in order to bring them concisely to the group.

In Firecracker Leadership Groups, small business leader teams will learn time tested tools from Giant Worldwide to:

  • Attain greater self-awareness
  • Gain better alignment with your team
  • Enjoy clearer communication
  • Identify ways to delegate more effectively
  • Execute at higher levels of performance than you ever imagined
  • Make decisions quicker


Key Programs:

Reaching your full potential rarely happens alone. Connecting with peers to work toward attaining your objectives turns your goals into reality.

In a Vistage Key Executive Group, you’ll step out of the action once a month and come away with practical approaches and sound advice for rising above almost any challenge.

Working with peers in a Vistage Key Group provides a safe place to get unbiased, honest feedback that can help you think critically about the choices you make.

As a Key Executive, you face a unique challenge requiring you to lead your team while still “managing up”.  Surrounding yourself with others in the same situation provides a valuable perspective that will help you succeed.


Inside Your Organization:

5 Voices is a program to transform your team communication. Your team will:

  • Attain self awareness
  • Gain better alignment
  • Execute higher levels of performance
  • Make decisions quicker

Vistage Inside delivers a unique and tailored leadership development solution for your company’s executive team that aligns the team while developing the individuals. Programs include executive advisory sessions, one-to-one mentoring sessions, expert speaker workshops and online access to business resources..  The program empowers executive teams to:

  • Improve problem solving
  • Improve communication and team alignment
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Broaden perspectives


My Vistage group has helped me open my eyes to see different opportunities to grow professionally and personally. The members hold me accountable and get me to grow. My Vistage group means a great deal to me. They give me support all the time.

Jason Pollaro, New Mexico Sign Plex

Vistage allows me to take the time I need for thought, introspection and decision-making.  The group provides support and excellent advice.  In short, it’s the peer group every executive needs!

Simon Goldfine, Sierra-Peaks