My Wednesday Wish is Peace through gathering positive evidence

If I tell you to go into the next room and look at the big mess in there, you will probably go looking for the big mess. And even if there are flowers and nice decorations, you will look past those things to find the mess.  If I tell you to go look at the beautiful decorations in the next room, even if there is a pile of papers in the corner, you will most likely look past them to find the decorations I predisposed you to see.  I helped pre-set your lens to be looking for the evidence of what I told you would be in the room.  

What if I told you to go through this week gathering positive evidence?  It is a beautiful world and there is so much to appreciate. It is a nicer way to go about your day.  You might be delayed by construction on the road, but you will see the beauty of the mountains in the distance.  There might be weeds in your yard, but you will find the flower that is growing as well.  There might be spilled milk on the table, but you will see the joy in your child’s face at spending time with you.  He might have missed the catch, but you will see the joy on his face at being able to play ball.  

Many people have a predisposition to look for the negative and gather evidence with that lens. How many times do we stew about the road construction even though there are blue skies and watermelon colored mountains and sunshine as we drive down the road?  How many times do we look for evidence that someone has failed us when they are working hard, missing that they are overwhelmed or perhaps don’t even understand what was asked of them.   

Spend the next week gathering positive evidence; especially about those people you JUST KNOW are out to get you or didn’t do what you wanted or expected.  Look for the positive intent, the good in the midst of the bad, the beauty in the mess and the relationship that can be enhanced if you just acknowledge something positive.  

This will impact those around you, and the person who will benefit most is you.  My wish for you is peace.  I encourage you to try to gather as much positive evidence as possible to help make that happen. 

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