My Wish for You is Peace by Connecting

I’ve always found myself in positions of power or authority in my work. That doesn’t mean I always felt like I belonged there. We can talk about imposter syndrome another time. What I want to discuss is the power of connecting and community. I want to talk about the power of being the one to invite, include
and initiate connection with others. I know there were times when I took a back seat or didn’t feel like it was my place to do the inviting. I know there were times when I watched others do the inviting or including and was impressed and even thought, “I wish I could do that.” For those that know me, that may come as a surprise, but I presume all of us sometimes give away the power we really have (and some of us sometimes exude power that isn’t really ours. Again, that’s another topic).

How many times are we the proverbial kid in the lunchroom that no one is including? How many times do we see that proverbial kid and not do anything? How many times have you been at an event and not taken the initiative to speak to someone, engage or ask someone how they are or even who they are? In this world where everyone is trying to divide us, I think that the more divided we are and the more we find to separate us, the more angst and upset we produce. I know that peace can come when we step outside of our comfort zones and meet that person who isn’t part of the inner circle, that person who may see things differently than we do. We may even learn something. We may be the conduit to a new idea being generated and presented to a group that never would have heard or considered it. I know I’d like to be part of that. Whether you are the kid in the lunchroom or the person who sees that kid, I encourage you to take the deep breath, reach out and connect.

You can find peace by helping others to belong. You may find that you feel more connected if you take that step. My wish for you is peace. I know that peace can come from belonging and helping others feel like they belong, too.

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