My wish for you is peace by being present with yourself

How aware are you of your mood? What is your default mood? Are you typically happy and peace-filled? Are you anxious? Are you angry or irritated? Are you stressed? Are you laid-back? If you were to take stock of your state of being or mood, how would you describe it? How would you describe the physical impact that mood has upon you? How often do you run through life in that state without really being aware? How is it impacting you? If you are happy, peace-filled or laid-back, you might be on the right track. Can you stay there even when the circumstances don’t serve you? If you are anxious, angry, irritated or stressed you might have an opportunity to change the mood you live in. You can change the mood you go through life with.

I realized I was walking through life letting myself be irritated by things I could not control. I took stock of my situation and realized that it was almost a habit. I started paying attention to how I felt physically and identified a tight chest and shoulders. (That is where I carry my stress). I became aware that it was like inertia: my mood was not going to change unless I acted upon it intentionally. Once I became aware, I could change and redirect my mood. I looked for the positive; things for which I could be grateful. I refused to let my mood control me instead of me controlling my mood.

What if you caught yourself before you went down the road with a bad mood? What if when you became aware of the mood you focused on it and the physical sensations that it had on your body? Then once you really had those feelings dialed in, you intentionally took charge and decided how you wanted it to be different? What if you took some deep breaths and released the negative emotions and feelings and breathed in positive emotions and feelings. What if you could change a bad mood in 2 minutes or less when you caught it?

I’ll admit there are times when a mood is warranted. If something sad happens, lean into the sad; if something scary happens; pay attention. Lean into those emotions when they serve you and then be intentional to step out of them once they stop serving you.

Being present with yourself and paying attention to your mood and its physical impact can help you navigate through the tough stuff faster and easier than you may have ever experienced.
My wish for you is Peace, and you can have it if you become more present with yourself.

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