My Wednesday Wish for you is Peace by living with no regrets

I have a book I bought last year that asks a question a day for 5 years. Each day a new question is posed and I answer it annually. It is interesting to see after a year has passed what has changed, how I have grown (or not) and what intentions I actually followed through on. Recently one of the questions was “If
tomorrow never came, what would you regret?” I don’t have some world changing answer, but if I am honest and intentional it can be world changing for me. I realized that I was waiting for certain circumstances to be in place in order to justify “slowing down”. My regret would be waiting until these things changed before slowing down. Really? What makes me think all of a sudden I will slow down just because the circumstances are perfect? And when did you ever find that the circumstances were perfect? Pretty much never. If I really want to slow down, I need to take steps NOW to make that happen. If I wait for the perfect conditions, they will never come along. I will always have an excuse. I’ll
never make it happen. So instead of waiting for the perfect conditions, I am going to start building that “slow down” time into my life now. It may never be perfect. But if I start today, I will be closer to the real deal when the circumstances change and are closer to what I was waiting for.
If tomorrow never came what would you regret? What are you waiting for? What small change can you make today to have that life you really desire. Do the thing to make your life what you want now and don’t wait for the perfect situation to make it possible. YOU can make it possible.
My wish for you is peace. And living without regrets is one path toward that peace

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