My Wednesday Wish for You

We’ve all heard the 80:20 rule right? Twenty percent of our effort results in 80% of our outcome. Or 20
percent of our clients make up 80 percent of our revenue. How many times have we threatened to fire
one of the clients who are in the 80 percent but make up an inordinate amount of our pain? How many
of them have you actually fired? Typically, when you look back, you realize firing that noisy client
created opportunity to attract another who could be in your 20%. There was an opportunity cost to
continuing to try to make things right for that client who just wasn’t a good fit.
If we turn that concept to our brains, would you consider that 20 percent of your brain effort results in
80% of your success? You put a lot of things on autopilot so that you don’t have to think about them
and give yourself space to noodle through the tough stuff…until that pesky thought shows up. It’s that
noisy thought that doesn’t serve you but distracts you from the important things you need to spend
your time on.
It’s a thought that may have been with you for a long time. It is familiar, and comfortable and it has a
legacy with you, so you are hesitant to fire it. What if you started acknowledging the thoughts that
don’t serve you and become aware just how much time, energy and brain power they are sucking and
then let them go? Fire them. Ask them not to come back. Change the locks and passwords.
As I have said before, it’s easier to move toward something, so focus on what you want, the success
you’ve had in the past and where you want to be rather than where that pesky distraction is trying to
take you.
The path to peace is easier if you fire the thoughts that are distracting you from the work, relationships,
and headspace that you serve, and allow yourself to move forward. What negative thought can you fire

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