My Wish for you is Peace through Abundance

You’ve heard the saying “what would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Well, what would you do?
I have been guilty of what I call the “yeah, but” syndrome. The “yeah, but” syndrome is the list of
excuses I have for NOT taking the risk, having the conversation, taking the action, putting myself out
there, or including someone. If failure was impossible, I would take the risk. Yeah, but what if I do?
Yeah, but what if the risk is costly? Yeah, but what if I lose money, status, position, or power? Yeah, but
I’ve convinced myself that the other person is (fill in the blank), so it will never work. Yet, what if I have
that conversation and cannot fail?
What if you could not fail? Even though the outcome might not be exactly what you expected, what if
you worked through it and reached a new reality? Although there may be bumps along the way, what if
what you learned from those bumps is so valuable it prepares you to do something even more
incredible? What if the loss of money, power, or position forces you to get creative and you identify an
even better process than you ever could imagine?
I encourage you to look back at your life. What situation have you gone through that was really tough
and unpleasant, but now that you are on the other side you would not give up the gift/learning/skill
acquired while you were going through it. (This is an interview question I often use, just as an aside). I’m
betting you find a few of those gifts. When you are in the middle of that difficult time, what can you
look for that is a growing strength, a new skill you are having to use, or a new process you are adapting
to deal with what is in front of you. Can you find the positive in it? Can you do it without the “Yeah,
My wish for you is peace, even in the tough times; peace from seeing the opportunity and gift in even
the hardest situations and knowing that you cannot fail. You haven’t failed yet. You are still here. One
of the paths to peace is through the lens of abundance that comes from believing you cannot fail.
Embrace it.

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