My Wish for you is Peace

We’ve all heard the saying, “ten years from now what will really matter”, or “what do you want them to say about you when you are dead?”  The point of these is that often our measuring stick isn’t measuring the right thing.  When those conversations come up, it typically is stemming from a situation where we are struggling because our angst is about achieving something that we may not need to be focusing on; and if we step back and look at the bigger picture, we see that.  

I had a conversation with a group of friends recently and we discussed how we defined success. The world would have us think it is money, or things, or power.  And while those things are fun and nice to have, they are fleeting.  Oftentimes they are dependent upon others or they are dependent upon circumstances.  We all know that person who says, “I’ll be happy when….” One sage friend in the group said success is coming closest to that which you are called to do.  I like that.  If we are called to serve people, success will come from us doing that.  If we are called to lead people, success will come from doing that.  If we are called to support a cause or a mission, success will come from our efforts and we will find a way.  Now, I am all about goals.  And I don’t think we can live a meaningful life without them—and goals drive me.  I just know that when the goal is to have peace and not to meet someone else’s version of success or let someone else determine the measuring stick I use, I can find success (and peace) so much more easily. 

 I encourage you to think about that thing that is bigger than yourself.  What scares you, but also excites you to think about making it happen, or being part of it?  If there is an “I can serve my purpose when…” think about how you can serve your purpose now in some small way, and you will find that it will grow and become bigger instead of waiting until the circumstances are perfect, because they never will be.  

What small thing can you do now to create the reality you desire?  Is there someone with whom you can partner to create that reality? How are you measuring your success?  Are you being intentional to those metrics?  My wish for you is peace and finding your true measure of success will help you achieve it.  

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