My Wish for You is Peace

My wish for you is peace by finding your truth. Do you know your truth? Are you aware of the lens you
use to view the world? How is that lens influencing you?
As I have mentioned, I have two dogs. Winnie and Piglet. They live in the same house with the same
rules and the same experiences. But they both have very different truths. What do I mean?
Winnie’s truth is that she has to control her situation. She puts a lot of energy into making things the
way she wants them. When the neighbor dogs bark, she is on top of it. When someone walks down the
street, she lets them know she is here. I’m pretty sure if someone came into the house, Winnie would
run and hide.
Piglet on the other hand is probably the more serious of our two dogs, but she isn’t barking at everyone
who walks by. She just watches out the window. She doesn’t spend as much energy, but I am certain
that if someone came into the house, Piglet would be the threat to them.
I really noticed their differences at the table. (I admit it, I do sneak the dogs a treat from the table from
time to time).
Winnie’s truth is that if she doesn’t beg, she won’t get a treat, so she begs ALL THE TIME. Luckily, I think
it’s cute, she isn’t too aggressive, and she just makes her presence known to me at all times.
Piglet’s truth is that if she doesn’t beg, she will get a treat. So she is laid back, doesn’t really bother us,
and if I give something to Winnie, I always give something to Piglet.
Whose truth is correct? Both of them.
Winnie’s self-fulfilling prophecy is that she needs to beg. (My husband would attest that this is just not
true) But to Winnie it is. She reinforces it every day.
Piglet’s truth is that if she just lays back, she will get a treat. Her self-fulfilling prophecy is that she
doesn’t need to expend the energy and a treat will still come her way. Her truth also gets reinforced
every day.
Now Winnie can’t understand counterintuitive thinking but you can. It’s counterintuitive for her to think
that a treat will come even is she just hangs out, but it would. She will never experience that though.
Because she lets her “truth” drive her actions.
Do you want to be Winnie or do you want to be Piglet?
What “Truth” are you holding onto that if you challenged your belief would prove otherwise?
For years I subscribed to the “if I don’t work hard for it I don’t deserve it” and I am learning to lean into
the idea of ease and flow. I work hard, but I don’t have to make it harder than it is. Neither do you.

My wish for you is to find the peace that comes from finding the Truth that serves you best.

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