My Wish for you is Peace through Provision

Maslow’s hierarchy states that we need our basic needs met before we can think about relationships,
self-esteem or self-actualization. Those basic needs include food, shelter, rest, and then safety and
security. It’s going to be hard to have peace if you don’t have your basic needs met.
I just listened to economists who have a great accuracy in their predictions and they state that in 2030
we are going to be in a great depression. It’s a scary thought. My take on it is that if I plan for adepression in 2030 and it happens, I’ll be ready. If I plan for a depression in 2030 and it doesn’t happen,
then I am just ahead of the game. But I do believe that knowing that this might happen I have a
responsibility to myself, my family and my business to be as prepared as possible for this.
Peace through provision means being satisfied with one’s current standard of living. It means having a
plan to create financial security for one’s future. In my view, it means contributing to something other
than myself, or bigger than myself or philanthropy but that is yours to decide— (it does feel good and I
will have a wish about giving to others in the future).
If you are doing those things great. If you aren’t, what is one thing you can do to move in that direction?
We have 9 years to 2030. What can you do prepare now so you can have peace in the future?
Here are 4 simple steps.

  1. Live below your means. Don’t live paycheck to paycheck. What can you cut out? The pandemic
    showed me what I could do without (Movies, ballgames, dinners out) and I see a difference in
    my checking account because of it.
  2. Out of debt = out of danger. If things collapse in 2030, there is no guarantee. If you have a
    home that is paid for, you don’t run the risk of losing it. If you have a vehicle that is paid for and
    well-kept you won’t lose it. If you are living below your means, you can pay off debt you may
    have accumulated, and put that cash into investments that you can access if you need them.
  3. Which leads me to having cash liquidity. Do you have an emergency fund? Personal and
    Business? If your clients stopped paying you, how long could you still pay your staff and other
    expenses? We just experienced a life-changing pandemic, what did you learn from it to prepare
    when something of similar magnitude happens again? (and it will, whether economic, social or
  4. Create additional streams of revenue. Do you have a spouse in a different industry that may not
    be impacted in the same way or cycle as your industry? Do you have passive income streams
    that put money in your mailbox whether you work or not? Now is the time to find those
    streams and get them flowing. Then put some of that cash away or pay off your debt.
    This may not feel like my typical “uplifting” post about Peace. But I think better prepared than unaware.
    In this case ignorance is not bliss.
    My wish for you is Peace by being prepared and comfortable with your level of provision now and in the
    (My “predictions” information comes from Feel free to check them out)

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