My Wish for You

My wish for you is Peace. That peace can come from a variety of sources, but they all start with you.
What kind of balance do you have? I’m not talking about being able to stand on one foot (but my friend
who is a trainer would say that is a good indicator of physical well-being). I am talking about balance
between the things that energize you and the things that drain you. Or the things that add to your tank
and the things that deplete your tank. Beliefs that I subscribe to claim that you should have 3 positive
interactions for every negative, or 75% of your time should be in activity that energizes you and 25%
should be in activity that might challenge you.
Why the 3 to 1 ratio? Unlike a regular bank account, where when you take a dollar it only takes one to
replace it. In your emotional energy account, when you take a unit, it takes 3 to replace it. So, if you
have a challenging conversation coming up, what positive things can you do to fill your tank so you can
have it and have it well. What can you do to make it not so challenging or conflict-ridden?
Why am I even suggesting that you have 25% of your time in challenging activity? If you aren’t
challenged, you aren’t growing. If you look back in your life, it was the struggles that got you where you
are now. When things were rosy, it was fun, but after the rosy time, not much had changed. After a
challenging time, you can look back and see growth, change, opportunities, a new approach or a new
I was meeting with a client recently and she told me that she looked for things that made her
uncomfortable because that was how she grew. She has some incredible growth stories to be sure.
That’s someone I want around my table. I will be inspired to grow and to put myself in those situations
Who is around your table? What are you doing to challenge yourself? What are you doing to ensure
you are doing things that fill you? If your Energize/Drain Tank is out of balance, what is one thing you
can do to get it closer to 75/25?
Peace is a beautiful thing. It is my wish for you. Being intentional about where our energy is spent and
replenished is one way to get there.

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