My Wish for you is Peace through Curiosity

My Wish for you is Peace.  And that comes about in a variety of ways.  As I left the house today, I said goodbye to my two pups.  (I didn’t say little—one is about 45 lbs, the other about 80).  I was admiring how playful and cute they looked even though they both are over 1 year old, so one could consider them “adults”.  What I saw in their faces that makes them so adorable, is childlike curiosity.  They approach the world and life with the curiosity of a kid (or a dog).  They look at things with amazement, they approach things with a joy that exudes from their bodies; wagging tails and a skip in their step.  Our larger dog will even prance and play like a littler dog when she is really excited. 

We all had that as kids.  We all looked at the world with wonder and awe.  Every day was a new experience.  We looked at things as opportunities and didn’t have a pre-determined outcome for our adventures.  But as time went on, we were told to act our age, we were told to get serious, we were told not to be silly, and we listened.  But we shouldn’t have.  The folks around you who are fun-loving, can find the fun and silly in their circumstances, they are the ones we are drawn to.  There is a reason for that.  They remind us of who we used to be. 

My wish for you is peace.  Peace that comes from childlike wonder, awe and curiosity at the world around you.  Even if you have tedious tasks in your life, what can you find in them that is beautiful, fun, crazy, silly or brings joy?  My wish for you is to be curious and find the joy in your world each day this week. 

Feel free to share what that is.  I’d love to hear. 

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