My Wednesday Wish for you

My wish for you is Peace. 

I can be a selfish person and I am competitive and I can live in a finite mindset.  But when I really think about it, the world we live in is an infinite place.  As humans, we look for ways to make sense of the world around us.  We put things in categories or boxes to make them manageable and understandable for us.  Then we judge when things don’t fit, people don’t do what we want, expect or think we need, and we get upset.  It’s a crazy thing we do to ourselves.  Maybe I’m the only one doing this, but I don’t think so. 

I believe that there is a gift and opportunity in every situation.  Sometimes I don’t want to look for it.  At the time I think it is easier to judge the circumstance and “make myself feel better.” (We’ve all had bouts of that righteous indignation, haven’t we?)  In the end, it really doesn’t make us feel better.  When we do what seems counterintuitive to us, and we look for the gift in the worst of situations, we usually can find one (or two or three!)  Then we can act on those gifts; we can make good come from those situations. 

For example:  Years ago, I was fired from a very prestigious job.  I was devastated and blindsided.  I was angry for a very long time.  As a result, I ended up starting my business and am happier than I ever imagined.  If I hadn’t been fired, I probably would not have considered starting a company; I was too comfortable.  At the time I thought the world had ended for me.  If I had only approached it as a gift in the moment, I could have saved so much time that was wasted on being angry, worried and frustrated.   If I had realized the infinite possibilities, my finite thinking would not have deceived me into seeing only a limited number of opportunities for as long as it did. 

My wish for you is to find at least one thing this week that you normally would see as a negative and find the gift or opportunity in it.  Look for the infinite in the world around you.  It is there if you just open your eyes and heart. 

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