My Wish for You this beautiful almost Spring Day

My wish for you is Peace: Peace because you have a sense of engagement with the community where
you live.
What does that look like?
One thing that impacts your peace is your place. This could be the place where you do your work, it
could be the place where you live and spend your time, it could be the community in which all of that
happens. Do you feel safe and secure where you live work and play? If so, celebrate that! If not, what
is one thing that you can do to impact that sense of security? If you did it, would you feel safer? And
would you be better able to engage?
Do you have pride in where you live, work, and play? What would need to be in place for you to have
pride? What is one thing YOU can do to improve your surroundings to have pride? It could be as simple
as straightening up your workspace or home. It could be the feeling you get when you pick up a piece of
trash when you are walking down the street, or maybe it is getting friends or co-workers together to do
a clean-up day or an activity for someone who is unable to do the work themselves.
Are you engaging with your community? Especially in these times of social distancing and isolation, it is
more important than ever to engage in a very intentional way. If you are unable to physically get out,
turn that camera on when you attend your next zoom meeting. Or schedule a zoom meeting or a walk
in nature. The way we elevate ourselves is by helping others. What have you done to elevate yourself
this week?
I’ve been doing some work on my own Positive Intelligence, and the movements like “Start Bragging,
Albuquerque” have it right. When we focus on the positive, our minds go there, and we have such a
nice time. I invite you to join me.
My wish for you is Peace, and I know that intentionally and positively engaging with your place can make
that peace more obtainable.

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