My Wednesday Wish is for Peace from knowing your purpose. How are you living yours out?

My Wish For You.

My wish for you is PEACE.

Peace beyond circumstance, peace beyond understanding, and peace because you find purpose in what you do.

What does that look like?

Do you like what you do?  Do you wake up excited for the day and what is ahead of you?  Do you have opportunities to use your gifts, talents and strengths in a way that is meaningful to you? Do you see what you are doing as a path to something bigger and better? Are you totally content with where you are and what you get to do?

Are you energized and satisfied at the end of a day?  We all have things we HAVE to do that do not energize us (for me it is my monthly financials and cleaning the house).  And doing some of those things helps us grow and appreciate when we get to do the things that give us life.  But if those things that drain us are the things that occupy most of our day and duties, it can suck the life out of us.  There are times when we need to see those things as a means to an end and embrace them for what they will provide in the long run.  I worked at jobs during high school and college just so I could pay the bills and reach my goal.  I still made them worthwhile—I found relationships, provision, success and opportunity, even though it wasn’t going to be my life-long work.  And that was for more than 10 years. 

It isn’t just about the work; it is about your attitude too.  J and I are both blessed to have work that is very meaningful and we feel is contributing to the world around us.  I have to say, if something happened and I couldn’t do this work, I would find a way to bring those gifts to whatever job I ended up with. 

Too often we let life drive us and write our story.  The best author of your story is you. What can you do to take the drivers seat of your life? What is your purpose? How is it impacting everything you do?

My wish for you is peace and I know that purposeful work and contribution can make that peace more obtainable. 

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