Groceries, Gasoline and Medicine (or It’s not that hard to buy nothing)

Every year in December I tend to spend more than I plan.  I get into this frenzy of seeing things and deciding that I need them, whether to give as a gift, or for myself and I end up spending more than normal.  I budget for it, but it can get out of control.  It starts to be almost a habit- “what else do I need or want?” For the last five years or so, I have gone on a spending fast in January.  For 21 days I only spend money on groceries, gasoline and medicine.  It is an interesting exercise.  The first year I did it, I remember going by the skating rink and dying to go skating and I hadn’t skated in years but the thought of not being able to, made the desire seem very real.  I liken it to being on a diet and then thinking and wanting everything you cannot eat.  Well, the article below is about a young woman who decided not to buy anything in 2020 and to get rid of 2020 things from her home, whether by selling or donating.  She shares how she adapted to the idea, and how her life is simpler now and the things she has have more meaning.  

I’m going on another spending fast this year with one change:  in my commitment to support local, eating out will be part of my spending fast.  Instead of buying a book, I will check it out from the library; instead of buying new clothes, I will “go shopping” in my own closet; instead of shopping online, I will spend that time sending a note to someone I care about. Is there something you need to take a break from?  Something you could fast from to give you more clarity?  Take 21 days and see how it impacts your life.  Then tell me about it. 

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