Make a commitment for 2021…Are you coming from abundance or scarcity?

Last week was my 11th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift for 11 is steel. Jim bought me pruning shears because we are building a house in the east mountains and I have a lot of pruning in my future. His dad is literally a master gardener. (600+ rose bushes in his back yard and former President of the American Rose Society). Jim called his favorite gardener and said “what’s the best shear I can buy?” Without missing a beat his dad replied “felco, F-E-L-C-O”. Jim checked it out; these are the BEST shears he could buy. People tell stories of having theirs for 15 years and never having to sharpen them. Nice. In our commitment to support local he called around to find these awesome shears. A local store owner told him “these are so good, you never have to replace them, that’s why we don’t carry them” (they want you to come back and repeatedly replace the cheap ones that break??) What?!?! So instead of being the source of the best I could buy so I can tell all of my friends, they’ve decided that selling me a cheaper pair that I’ll come back to replace when they break is the way to go. I guess it’s a strategy… Unfortunately, he had to buy them online.
I’m reminded of the story of the CFO who complained to the CEO, “what if we pay for this training for the employees and then they leave?” And the CEO replied, “what if we don’t train them and they stay?”
Who do you want to be for your clients, your employees, your community? What would be different if you took one scarcity thought and turned it into one of abundance? What kind of ripple effect could it have? I’m making a commitment to come from abundance this year. Join me?

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