What seeds are you planting?

My husband and I recently bought land to build our dream home. After the champagne celebration we planted some bulbs so that next spring we will have some color in a place where we plan to spend significant time.

As we dug into the snow covered ground my husband commented that planting is an exercise in faith and hope. Faith that the seeds will take root and grow. Faith that the seeds will do what they are created to do, that they will fulfill their purpose. Hope that in the spring, we will benefit from the work we did now. Typical business acumen states that hope does not create success, you have to have a goal and a plan. While our planting was a simple plan to achieve our simple goal of flowers and color, we did do the work necessary to make our goal happen. If we had just hoped for flowers and color next spring, we would be disappointed.

What are you hoping for? What seeds are you planting to ensure you will have the results you want next month, next quarter, next year? Are you doing the work that is necessary now? Do you know what that work is? I challenge you in this month when we anticipate a new year to plant your seeds of success, water them and watch them grow.

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