How are you protecting your mental health?

Vertellis Co. has a card game I’ve used in a variety of ways to connect people. Here are some tips from them on intentionally protecting your mental health.

Vertellis’ mission is to create a positive impact on the world by giving people alternative ways to achieve self-knowledge, reflection and personal development, and by facilitating meaningful conversations and genuine connection between people with our question games. To do our bit, today we would like to offer you some tips and resources to help you take care of your mental health. 

1. Create a healthy routine. Robin Sharma wrote the bestseller The 5:00 AM Club, a book that contains multiple strategies to improve our productivity when we work on our personal development. One of those strategies is the 20/20/20 formula. Every morning:

  • Phase 1: Move for 20 minutes (intense exercise)
  • Phase 2: Reflect for 20 minutes (relaxation, meditation)
  • Phase 3: Grow for 20 minutes (study or learn something)

2. Have a social life. Communicating with family and friends and healthy contact with people who enrich and inspire you delays the deterioration of cognitive abilities such as memory, as well as improving your general well-being. Remember to spend time and chat with your loved ones (in person or on video calls!) and seek out groups of people or communities who you can share your feelings and experiences with. You can also join our Vertellis Community by clicking this link. 😜 

3. Experiment with different relaxation techniques and find ones that work for you. You can go for a walk, take a nice relaxing bath, cook a meal you love, or practice your favorite sport. Here are some examples of apps that may help you: breathing exercises, yoga, meditation. Try them out and find your favorite! 

4. Make a healthy mindset your priority! We’ve already shared some tips with you, but we know all too well that sometimes it can be hard to build momentum and “stay on the ball”. That’s why we’re giving you a very special guide from our Vertellis Mindset program: The roadmap for developing good habits. This guide will teach you how to sustainably work on your habits, and thus develop a healthier mindset. Just download it here. Curious about Vertellis Mindset? You can find more information about it here

5. Ask for help. Mental health is everybody’s business, so don’t carry it by yourself feeling alone. Talk about how you feel with your friends, your partner and family; but above all, don’t hesitate to seek out professional help. Finally, we want to share this quote with you, so you can use it as a daily reminder. It’s wisdom from the past:

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