Looking to Sell your business? Would it be nice to work less and make more?

We recently sold our house.  Every time we sell a house, I complain that I fixed it up for someone else to live in.  When I complain about fixing up my house to sell, it is about not getting to enjoy it after I have fixed it up.  If you think you can scramble to “fix up” your business for someone to buy it, think again.  It takes years. And if you are not thinking of selling any time soon, wouldn’t it be nice to have processes and systems in place that:

1.       Make it more valuable when you do decide to sell

2.       Make it more fun and easy to run for while you still own it.

Join us next TUESDAY, AUGUST 25 at Noon MDT to hear how you can make your life easier while you own your company, and help you get highest value when you do decide to sell.  Carlos Duno with NAVIX will help you see how you can navigate through the selling process or just make your business worth more because of the fixes you make today.    Register by Friday, August 21 to get the pre-webinar  assessment and link to the meeting. 

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