What opportunities have you found and taken advantage of in the midst of all the challenges we face?

How to pivot not panic in challenging times

When lockdowns were issued to contain the coronavirus, many businesses had to shut down, or pivot their business quickly. It was during this time that many leaders were faced with the challenge of what they were going to do.

This was true for the manufacturing business, SEKISUI KYDEX whose business came to a grinding halt.

Yet, in just four days time, SEKISUI KYDEX was able to shift from primarily making plastic sheets for aviation to becoming an “essential business” producing materials for lifesaving medical devices.

In four days, 400 people were working in unison; all three plants were running 24/7 and SEKISUI KYDEX was paying bonuses and developing new products.

So how was Ronn Cort’s company able to achieve so much in such a short amount of time? This LinkedIn Live interview helps explain it.


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