The Power of Peers in a Pandemic

I serve about 50 CEOS and C-suite executives in peer groups designed to help them grow both personally and professionally.

While under “normal circumstances” we meet as a group once a month and I meet with each member individually, we decided it would make sense to have more frequent check ins with everyone while this was going on.

This is what I’ve seen:

  • I’ve seen members share their best practices so others members employees could be safe in their workplaces.
  • I’ve seen information sharing so everyone could be up to speed about what the loan programs and employee leave requirements really mean and how they really work.
  • I’ve seen members have a safe place to express their fears and concerns with each other.
  • I’ve heard stories of owners “talking employees off a ledge” because they were fearful about the virus, their job, the future and the unknown.
  • I’ve seen more communication, compassionate communication and intentional communication.
  • I’ve seen friends support one another and buy local at lunch for their employees who are still deemed essential.
  • I’ve seen candid conversations with peers who need to be pragmatic in a time when everything seems crazy.
  • I’ve seen business owners who got busier as a result of this, offer to temporarily hire employees of those whose business slowed down significantly.
  • I’ve seen business owners offer up supplies to other companies to help them stay in business and keep their employees safe.
  • I’ve seen relief on members faces who realized they weren’t the only ones going through this AND they weren’t going through it alone.
  • I’ve seen incredible decisions come out of different perspectives and candid observations that made a difference in the future of members companies.
  • I’ve seen owners give raises and bonuses because the work is so crazy, and I’ve seen owners take personal pay cuts so their employees could keep getting paid.
  • I’ve seen powerful relationships get even stronger as these smart successful people navigate this new normal and help each other.
  • I’ve seen an opportunity to take a few minutes with peers, connect, let their guard down and be human so they could get back to leading in a healthy way.
  • I’ve seen commitment to taking care of themselves, each other, their families and their people and reinforcement that they each need to take time to make that happen.
  • I’ve seen human kindness, caring and connection during a time when people can feel isolated, disconnected and alone.

If you feel alone, reach out. Find some peers. Touch base regularly. It can make the difference between struggling through this and thriving through this. I’m honored to be here to help.

Janice HoneycuttChair, CEO Peer Advisory Groups
Vistage Worldwide Chair of Excellence GiANT Worldwide Certified Consultant

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