Leading with the 4 C’s in the Corona Crisis – Here are the 4 Characteristics from the leaders who are doing it well

Navigating with the Four C’s

Working with CEOs and Business Owners in every industry during this pandemic allows the cream to rise to the top.  Here are The 4 C’s that I See from the leaders who are doing it well:

  1.  Care for yourself.  They would not put this first; they would put taking care of their people first, but they also know if they don’t take care of themselves, they cannot take care of others.  Get enough sleep; pray or meditate; exercise; eat right; drink water; and take breaks. Encourage your people to do the same.  Model it for them.
  2. Communicate.  This cannot be stressed enough.  You need to communicate with your employees, your customers, your vendors and your family.  As humans we fill every void with negative and usually something more negative than reality.  Tell them what is going on, what you are doing, even if it is a tough conversation.  Remind them what they are here for. (Whether “here” is on-site or virtual, the work is still important.) Tell them more than once.  Be the Chief Repeating Officer during this time. 
  3. Compassion.  Sometimes we hunker down, or we power through.  What is your tendency and how is it showing up for those you are leading? Check-in on your people: How are they? What’s going on for them? How can you reassure them? Maybe they just need to be listened to for a minute.  You don’t need to solve their problems. Hearing them out is a huge gift. Acknowledge that this is a scary time for everyone, no matter the paygrade.  We are all in this together. 
  4. Connect.  CEOs who have a network of support weather these storms better than those who go it alone.  Reach out.  Ask for help. 

Remember that our job as leaders is to help everyone around us be successful.  Sustain these priorities as you navigate the new waters we are in.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and lead on! 

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