Something to think about. Are your healthcare directives and those of your adult children in place???

Please get your Healthcare Directives in place…

Two weeks ago a friends daughter (let’s call her Jan) flew back to college and at the time had “the sniffles.” She told the Director of the dorm about the flight and her cold and immediately the college quarantined Jan and ordered a Coronavirus test. The school delivered food into the sectioned off room wearing hazmat suits. Jan was not allowed to leave except to use the bathroom. Jan’s parents were understandably concerned and immediately called the school and the doctor to find out what was going on. Because there was no Healthcare Directive in place, Jan’s parents were legally prevented from receiving information on her condition (Jan is a legal adult.) Unbelievable! But true.

Fortunately Jan tested negative but the entire incident was scary for everyone involved. The situation could have turned out much different.
The Coronavirus is a stark reminder for all of us to make sure to have your Healthcare Directives in place and your Financial Power of Attorney too.

60% of Americans DO NOT have these vital documents in place and they are playing with fire. Not only does your college kid who is 18+ need their own Healthcare Directive and Financial Power of Attorney, but of course YOU do too.

Your Medical Directives and Financial Power of Attorney are legal documents naming those people who can act on your behalf and make important decisions. These documents detail your exact wishes.

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