It’s said that we don’t really need more leaders, we need more GREAT leaders. At GiANT, the goal is to create leaders who people WANT to follow not those that they HAVE to follow. Here are some thoughts on becoming that leader. Keep moving my friends!

Big Ideas of “Becoming” a Leader Worth Following

Staying effective in life and leadership is no longer a choice. It is the ticket of admission if you are compelled to be successful. Surviving, thriving, and transforming in this new reality will require each of us to build upon and reach beyond effectiveness to a new calling, a new era of significance.

Becoming significant is intentional and will require grit, endurance, and smarts. Becoming requires a new mind-set, a new skill set, a new tool-set, and new tendencies of responding to our well-worn habitual patterns.

The Big Ideas of Becoming

  • Leadership is a Requirement: One person can live on a desert island without leadership. Two people, if they are totally compatible could probably get along and even progress. If there are three or more in your midst, someone has to lead!
  • Leadership is an Imperative: In a nation, a world as complex and fluid as ours, we cannot function without leaders. Our quality of life depends on it. We must have competent leaders in every sector, every city across the globe. You are needed NOW.
  • Leadership is Collective: Great leaders and followers are engaged in collaborative relationship. No longer is the leader a sport of solitaire. The days of having a single individual (however talented) solve complex problems are long gone. The “lone ranger” is dead.
  • Leadership is Complex: Simple leadership declares, “Let’s bake a cake!” Complicated leadership says, “Let’s build an airplane!” Complex leadership says, “Let’s influence a family, team, organization, or a community!” It has become quite clear that leadership and coaching matter most when the elements at hand are complex, uncertain, ambiguous, changing, volatile, emergent, chaotic, and constantly swirling. Becoming is complex.
  • Leadership is Resilient: Dead ends are inescapable to leaders. It is never if we get stuck, but when. These roadblocks can appear in our lives as a harbinger of transformation to give us hope in the way forward. Positive mindsets, vision, and a supportive tribe are the restorative elements (elixir) for Becoming.
  • Leadership is Courageous: If you have the will to break from behind your natural walls of self preservation, pay the price of vulnerability, and yield to the insights of Leaders Worth Following, your influence will steadily grow from the inside-out; you will find your leadership voice and will inspire your team members to find theirs in a dramatically changed world.
  • Leadership is Motion: It matters little about your starting place of Becoming. Your age, occupation, financial, or social status is certainly never an excuse to Become. The most important step is the first step. The speed of the journey matters not. As Confucius says, “It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.”

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